Welcome to Crouchlands Farm

A 500 acre farm set amongst the beautiful pastures and ancient woodland between Plaistow and Kirdford in West Sussex.

About Crouchlands


Our herds of traditional native breed cattle and sheep are pasture-fed, enjoying a natural diet of grasses, wildflowers and herbs, giving them a happy and stress-free life and ensuring the high quality and flavour of our beef and lamb.

We have two flocks of native breed sheep, Lleyn and Herdwick; and our beef cattle are pedigree Herefords.

We believe in farming with respect for the beautiful landscape and the rich and diverse ecology surrounding us.

Latest News


Crouchlands Farm in West Sussex awarded Red Tractor certificate

New year, new venture as Crouchlands Farm in West Sussex gains Red Tractor assurance status in time for the launch [...]

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Protecting Herdy: Heritage breed success in the south

Life is hard for Herdwicks . Adapted to life on England’s highest mountains, these hardy sheep forage the fells and [...]

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A happy, growing herd

The Hereford cow is one of the most recognisable of the British cattle breeds – a brown and white body, [...]

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